Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is currently one of the hottest technologies in wireless.

With the standardization of WiMAX in IEEE 802.16 and the addition of mobility (revision 16e), carriers are expressing a greater interest in this technology. Intel has mounted an effective marketing campaign around WiMAX touting the benefits of this technology. For example, WiMAX standards promise to lower costs by providing standardization and multivendor interoperability. Chip vendors such as Intel will deliver chips in high volumes which will drive down the cost of end user devices and will open the Broadband Wireless market to multi-vendor competition. A few of the many useful advantages of using WiMAX are:

  • Providing high speed wireless telecommunications services to businesses and residences.
  • You can use WiMAX to connect public WiFi (802.11) hot spots to the internet.
  • WiMAX is a good alternative to cellular 3G deployments.
  • Its a great alternaive to laying additional copper lines for DSL services.

Our network will migrate to WiMAX with full mobility in the near future.